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Elsabet Mulugeta

BD4FS Ethiopia MEL Specialist

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Elsabet Mulugeta is a highly skilled professional with a BSc in Statistics from Addis Ababa University and an MSc in Project Management, Analysis, and Evaluation from Skill Mart International College. Over the past 15 years, she has excelled in roles such as data analyst, Information Mentor, Data Officer, and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at renowned international organizations, including I-TECH, MSH, and ICAP. Elsabet is adept at managing and analyzing high-level data for evidence-based decision-making. She has received extensive training in data management software like SPSS, STATA, EPI-Info, Power-BI, and mobile data collection tools like Kobo and Survey CTO. Her expertise extends to developing data collection tools and formats, and she actively contributes to various survey activities. Known for her collaborative spirit, Elsabet has honed effective teamwork practices through working with diverse professionals. Her commitment to excellence and wealth of experience make her a valuable asset in data management, analysis, and project evaluation on the international stage.

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