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Aschalew Wondie

BD4FS Ethiopia Program Director

Aschalew Wondie123.jpg

Mr. Aschalew Wondie is a resourceful professional with nineteen years' experience in different technical and managerial capacities. He graduated with a Master's in Business Administration, BA in Management, and BSc in Biology. Mr. Aschalew started his career as a microbiologist in one of the modern breweries in Ethiopia. He led the brewery's ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental management systems. Mr. Aschaew worked as quality and food safety manager at Addis International Airline Catering. He was also QHSE, Procurement and Logistics department head of ALLE Bejimla, the largest wholesale trading company in Ethiopia. Mr. Aschalew is a certified management consultant by the Ethiopian Management Institute and an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Consultant by the Ethiopian Commission of Environment. Mr. Aschalew provided consultancy services to different NGOs, manufacturing, and service industries in various businesses. The well-known Ethiopian Airlines and Agricultural Transformation Agency are among the companies he provided advisory services.

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