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Bemenet Yaie

BD4FS Ethiopia Senior Accountant


Mr. Bemenet is a seasoned finance and accounting professional with a remarkable nine-year tenure dedicated to overseeing UNFPA and USAID initiatives. His expertise is fortified by a comprehensive grasp of IPSAS, USAID Rules and Regulations, and Project Cycle methodologies, attested by his certification. This underscores his proficiency in adhering to global financial standards and donor requisites.


Notably, Mr. Bemenet boasts extensive experience in navigating the intricate landscape of tax settlements in Ethiopia—an invaluable asset for any finance practitioner operating within the country.


His illustrious track record encompasses the successful stewardship of the Health Workers Improvement Program (HWIP) and Integrated Youth Activities (IYA), both generously funded by USAID. These ventures are characterized by their substantial scope and complexity, offering a testament to Mr. Bemenet's adeptness in managing multiple projects concurrently and liaising effectively with diverse stakeholders.


Mr. Bemenet's academic foundation is anchored by a distinguished bachelor's degree in accounting and finance. This educational cornerstone equips him with a solid grounding in financial principles and analytical methodologies—indispensable assets for a thriving career in finance.

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