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Food Safety for a Prosperous Tomorrow

Food Enterprise Solutions recognizes that food safety is everyone’s business.  And – that food safety is good for business!  Today, June 7, 2022, we are celebrating Food Safety Day 2022 to highlight the exciting work that the Feed the Future Business Drivers for Safety (BD4FS) project is doing with growing food businesses in Senegal to promote safer food handling and ultimately more successful businesses. 

Growing food businesses (GFBs) face various challenges to improve the quality and safety of their food products as they move through supply chains.  The consequences of improper handling can be direct and severe, often manifested as an increased rejection of products in the marketplace, both local and export, which for a struggling GFB means reduced revenue and possible business failure.  It can also pose a huge reputational risk to enterprises and mistrust of their products by consumers and partners. As consumer demand for safer foods increases, so does the business incentive to adopt best practices in food handling. Not only does improved food safety compliance protect consumers from foodborne illness, it also improves business competitiveness and growth.  Hence, there is a tremendous demand by GFBs in Senegal for information and technical training to improve food handling practices.  And, many of the promoted practices are low-cost and relatively simple to implement.  Most importantly, businesses recognize the immediate benefits which this short video highlights.  GFBs partnered with BD4FS appreciate completely that ‘food safety is good for business. 

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