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Feed the Future Business Drivers For Food Safety

BD4FS is improving the overall culture of food safety in Feed the Future countries in partnership with local businesses.

Business Drivers For Food Safety

FES Business Drivers for Food Safety Project (BD4FS), funded by USAID, is making food safer by identifying and tackling challenges in the post-harvest segment of the global food system. Inadequate food handling practices and poor infrastructure across supply chains increase the transmission of foodborne pathogens that undermine the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of people across the globe each year. 


By partnering with Growing Food Businesses (GFBs) in Feed the Future countries to co-design and implement incentive-based strategies, BD4FS is accelerating the adoption of food safety practices in local food systems. In a parallel effort, stakeholder engagement will raise national awareness around the issue of food safety, helping lay the foundation for a “culture of food safety.” BD4FS is thereby adding to the USAID knowledge base about strategies, methodologies and practices for enabling businesses to respond to consumer food safety demands and drive food systems strengthening. 


Objective: BD4FS is building the capacity of GFBs and supporting their adoption of food safety practices and technologies that will reduce the risk of food contamination by foodborne pathogens.


Focus Countries: BD4FS is a multi-country effort with activities underway in Senegal, Nepal, and Ethiopia.

News & Announcements


bd4fs gew.png

BD4FS Announces Food Safety App Competition at Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2020 was an ideal platform for FES to share BD4FS ambitions in Senegal with entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and policymakers. In alignment with its goal to catalyze young students and future entrepreneurs around business opportunities for food safety, BD4FS announced a competition for the development of a food safety learning application.



BD4FS Releases Technical Learning Note on WASH Conditions at Seafood Processing Sites in Senegal

Safely managed water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services are essential for household health and equally critical for food businesses to reduce the incidence and transmission of foodborne diseases. In this context, BD4FS assessed WASH conditions at seafood processing sites in Senegal and evaluated business models for managing shared WASH facilities. The Technical Learning Note summarizes research findings and provides recommendations as well as suggested next steps.


vegetables on display in Nepal

Food Enterprise Solutions Announces the Launch of Business Drivers for Food Safety in Nepal

Currently operating in Senegal, FES is pleased to announce start-up operations in Nepal, beginning with a Food Safety Situational Analysis (FSSA) to understand current food safety dynamics.



BD4FS Emphasizes the Importance of WASH for Business on World Toilet Day 2020

BD4FS contributed to World Toilet Day's awareness raising campaign on 19 November 2020 by releasing a blog about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) challenges at seafood processing sites in Senegal.  Access to WASH (including functional and hygienic toilet facilities) is important for households and also critical for businesses that handle food products in order to reduce the transmission of foodborne illness.

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